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S.O.H.O. Getting Started!

So here we go!  The S.O.H.O. Ministry of O.O.T.B.W.C. Blog is up and running!  This blog is still a work in progress-I’m trying to set up links and such-but this will hopefully be another way people can get in touch with us and learn what we’re about and what we do.

About the Ministry:

Step Out/Help Out is just getting started, and I’m sure it will change as new workers step forward, new needs are communicated, and we begin to reach out into the community.  After a lot of prayer, thought, and some encouragement, the desire is to have an avenue for people who have a talent, time, or ability to share with others can “Step Out” and let people know they want to “Help Out” a neighbor.  As a church, we have many individuals that together have an abundance of talents, abilities, and time to share.  We are surrounded by a world that is hurting and in need.  As a church, we are called to go out into our community, BE the church, and show people the love of Christ in the process of meeting their need.

Needs such as:
Yard Care for individuals who are elderly or sick and unable to do it

Companion, Shopping, or Housekeeping Services for the sick or elderly

Auto Care, Plumbing, Carpentry  (For Instance, if someone has the materials, an individual can help to change their oil, or even teach them how to change it themselves–empowering them to be more independent and save money in the process)



Any talent or time that someone has to offer will be offered.

The Providers:  Right now we are assembling our “crew”.  I was overwhelmed and ecstatic yesterday at church as people were asking for forms to sign up to provide a service.  At least 20 people took forms to complete-actually, we ran out and needed more.  We have individuals who are offering auto services, yard work, housekeeping, budgeting, and shopping/companion services already!  I believe God is working in people’s hearts and moving us to step out of ourselves and reach out to others.  It’s time to move.

This is totally grass-roots.  It’s people stepping up and being a neighbor out of the kindness of their hearts because they believe God is calling them to do it.  Step Out/Help Out Ministry is simply a centralized “hub” of sorts that organizes the workers so we can communicate and organize to meet the needs either individually or collectively.  For instance, if someone has a yard that needs mowing, and 4 or 5 people can organize, we can quickly get the job done.

People Needing Help:  I am working on a way for individuals to communicate their needs.  To be completely honest, I think the needs will be put before us as we pray and ask God to show us where we need to go.  I also think that if necessary, He will provide us with the means and even the tools to do the jobs.  This is going to be FAITH based work!  Many of the people we serve may not have a computer or internet, so as we get more providers signed on we will start reaching out to certain area agencies to let them know we’re here and we want to help.  We will get word out “the old-fashioned way”.

So I hope everyone will bear with me while I get educated about the blogs, pages, links, and such.  Can’t wait to hear from you, let me know what you think, ideas you have, ways you can help, or a need you are aware of.

Thank You!

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  1. godw1nz
    July 4, 2011 at 1:35 PM

    Brenda- I am so proud of you! You’ve been listening and praying for awhile and look what God has brought out of that obedience! Way to go GOD! I’ve got an idea for the logo-we will talk about that later. It’s really more of a piece of art we can hang up. I’ve got to work out details on paper and it may be something the art group can do! 🙂 My question is: how can the art ministry help the community? I want this group to be mission oriented. Paint a room? A house? A mailbox? Any ideas you have would be great! I want you to list the Art Ministry as one of the providers. God will provide everything we need to do the work. The Art ministry has gone out on faith also and God has provided all of our needs. Donations make up all of our supplies! So, I have faith that God will provide all that is needed for SOHO to be a success! We must have the faith of our Fathers to do the work that God has called us to do. I am thanking God ahead of time! Woohoo!

    • July 4, 2011 at 2:04 PM

      God truly does have things in high gear! Donna if you know how, could you PLEASE tell me how to set up menus and links on here? Maybe a menu that would link to the individual types of services so people could read about things we’ve done in each area. We could have an Art Ministry category too. I want to have a link posted to the main Out of the Box page, individual’s blogs, and also a link to the ministry’s facebook page as well. I’d also like to post the address of the church and my cell # as a contact. I’ve tried to go through each thing and see how to do it but I’m pulling my hair out! I finally noticed that it said the original theme I had didn’t support menus, so I changed it. An official logo to have on the forms and maybe even T-Shirts in the future sounds AWESOME! I think all the ways you listed to help sound great. Like I said, as word gets out, I don’t think we’ll have a shortage of ideas for ways to help! I am standing with you in prayer–God will show us where to go and He will help us to meet the needs. When I think of what this could be, I get so excited, humbled, and I have to admit I get a little intimidated when I think about things like the questions from last night. “gulp!!” But we serve a Mighty God that wants us out there for Him, and I don’t think He will leave us there alone. Love You! Like you said, we’re going to praise God and thank Him ahead of time!

  2. July 5, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    Great idea! Great ministry! I share your heart and your burden to reach out person-to-person and do what we can, individually, to help others.

    You mention, ” I am working on a way for individuals to communicate their needs” One of the most unique approaches that I’ve seen is at: SOS Hope Store http://www.soshopestore.org/new-arrivals.html.

    If you have a moment to check it out, please do so. (Note: I’m not associated with this site, with the exception that I link to them from my blog http://oldpathsrevisited.com).

    • July 6, 2011 at 2:04 AM

      Hello Wendell! Thank You for checking us out! We are brand new and just getting started but we have a group of people who I believe truly have a fire in their hearts to show others God’s love! Out of the Box Worship Center/FUMC Hillsville, VA is one church in two locations–my family and I attend Out of the Box Worship Center. In the seven months we’ve been there, God has radically changed our lives and healed our family. Its very nice to meet you and I look forward to sharing stories and ideas! I will subscribe to your blog and thanks for the website on the soshopestore. That looks awesome!

  1. July 5, 2011 at 5:49 PM
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